API Reference

AMBER package layout

Figure 2

Layout of essential components in AMBER.

CommandLine Interface

If you get quick started on using AMBER, the fastest way is to write a configuration file and call AMBER’s command-line interface.

See this page for details on CLI page.

Basic API

The AMBER package has the following design layout:

  • architect: algorithms to search for neural network architectures

  • modeler: translates an architecture to a model in existing machine learning frameworks

  • utils: utility functions commonly-used in AMBER are stored here

  • plots: includes both plots and visualizations for sanity checks in AMBER

Some of the modules are either kept in for legacy usages, or still under developments. These include:

List of Modules


provides search algorithms and helpers for neural network architecture


Modeler is an interface class that interacts outside with manager, and inside coordinates with dag and child.


utilities include data processor, transformations


Plots and visualizations commonly used in AMBER